Festival Rush

Since the 70’s and the Woodstock era, music festivals have been a huge factor in our cultures social aspect.

Since these music festivals have began regaining popularity in the recent years, it has been especially hard to pin down where the music festivals will be and when they will happen.

That is, until festivalrush.com. Festivalrush is a website that shows where the next great music festivals will be within the next two months.


Festivalrush does not just concentrate on showing the festivals that are going to be in the United States. Perfect for anyone who is currently suffering from wanderlust such as myself, this site is also focused on the big, global picture.

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and relatable the site was when it came to navigation. It has lists of all the music festivals all around the world within the next two months, the date, the time and where the festival is.

Once you have clicked on to the festival you would like to see, it takes you to a page where it gives you the background information on the city that it is held in and also gives a little background on what the music festival itself is like, which is super helpful.

I love how festivalrush is a one stop shop to find everything and anything i would need to figure out with the music festivals i want to see.

Even if you are not a whiz with technology, you will be able to figure out this site without any hassle or stress involved in the matter. Festival rush is a great site that i will definitely use in the future!

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