Five Features to Consider when Shopping for a Green Dishwasher

Washers and dryers are considered essential in homes today; who has the time to wash their clothes by hand, and hand dry it, especially with a large family? But, dishwashers are considered more luxurious, and not as essential in the home. Washing dishes by hand isn’t nearly as tedious, time consuming, or difficult as hand washing your clothes would be.

Another major negative in people’s minds, is that dishwashers aren’t Eco-friendly, and consume fr too much water. But, a column in Guardian Newspaper argues just the opposite, stating hand washing is less Eco-friendly, and requires more water consumption.

With this in mind, certain dishwashers are still more environmentally friendly than others, and for this reason, using review sites is a great way to begin the search to finding the ideal model. US consumers can visit sites like Top TenUS, while UK consumers will find sites like to be a great resource.

The retailer website is also an invaluable tool to visit, which will list both water usage, and efficiency rating, making the decision making process easier on consumers. Ratings go from A+++ to D, and there is a great deal of difference in such models.

With an A+++, you are getting nearly 30% more energy saving, than a model rated an A; so, doing your research is critical to finding the most efficient models. Of course more efficient means higher price. This means weighing all options and considering various models, will allow you to find the right one for you.

Water consumption is also something you must look at. A slimline, efficient model will use only about 2000 litres annually, whereas a standard model may consume nearly double, at about 3500 litres annually. Although this seems like much, washing dishes by hand would consume far more than one would think.

So, offsetting all figures, is the easiest way to determine which model is most efficient, and should be purchased for your home. Additionally, these five Eco-factors should be considered in selecting a model, to find the most efficient for your home.

1. Hydro Sensor Cleaning which uses sensors to determine how dirty and soiled your dishes really are, and will automatically set the most efficient wash mode.
2. Eco Programmes wash at lower temperatures and use less water. Although it takes longer to wash, it also greatly reduces consumption.
3. Auto Shut Off is a basic feature. It will save water, electricity, and reduce the total wash cycle time.
4. Half Load will simply set the machine for half the time of a regular load. If you aren’t filling the machine, this is a great feature to look for.
5. Residual Heat Drying recycles heat meaning no air is pumped in to the unit. It is more efficient and far more hygienic for dish drying.

Consumers can obviously look for additional features, such as machines stating they are Eco-friendly, or recycle energy for wash loads. Smaller sized models also tend to be more efficient, and drawer dishwashers are also a popular option today, allowing for two loads, and allowing users to set different times, for more energy efficiency.

Even though you believe hand washing is more efficient, in today’s day and age, dishwashers not only use less water, but are also far more efficient than they were in the past. The end result, less energy consumption, less water use, and less time standing on your feet, hand washing and drying dishes.

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