FlexBright – Change Brightness by Time of Day

Precautions are very important mostly when using your iPhone.

The eyes are always affected by the great light intensity that many people fail to regulate depending on the time.

This will eventually affect your eyesight in a way that you may not see clearly under dim light or in bright lights.

To automatically control the brightness of your iPhone, then FlexBright will always do it perfectly.

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It works in a way that it regulates the level of brightness based on the surrounding light intensity.

Through this, your eyes will always be on the safe side as you can always use your iPhone at any moment without really feeling the side effects of its brightness.

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It is very ergonomic as you just need to set a custom times to switch the brightness during the day and night.

Through this, you are guaranteed of the best view ever even under bright or dim lights. Download it today for top notch service.

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