Glacial Marine Clay – Private Label Skin Care

Thanks to scientlific discoveries of paramount importance, both the health and beauty industries have grown immensely over the past few decades. This has lead to a market demand for high quality, natural ingredient based products, which is why pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that are ellaborated with chemicals have started to be avoided by the general public – a huge progress indeed!

One of the purest substances that can be used for both health and beauty oriented purposes is Glacial Marine Clay. This is Earth’s finest clay and it is only found in a remote region of coastal British Columbia. What makes the quality of this Glacial Clay truly outstanding is the fact that the deposits are located beneath a live and active glacier.

Hence Glacial Bay’s Glacial Marine Clay an extraordinary amount of precious minerals, unlike any other type of clay on the entire planet. This is why this natural substance is successfully used in Private Label Skin Care products.

These Private Label Skin Care products are suitable for various markets, such as onlien businesses, direct sales, retail stores, whole sale or retail distributors. Contact Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. now and and see how you can boost your business with Private Label Skin Care products that are based on Glacial Marine Clay.

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