Glip Conversation Platform Review

Great things can only be achieved by amazing teams and the very best results are the consequence of hard work and permanent communication. Wanting your team to succeed is one thing, but tasting success is a different story. As you surely know, not all conversation platforms are the same, which in turn means that not all teams communicate the same.

If you want your team to stand out, you will need a conversation platform that offers real time text and video chat with productivity built in. The only conversation platform that was especially developed with creative teams is mind is Glip.

The platform is incredibly easy to use and requires no technical skills at all. Aside from that, it supports unlimited video chat with up to 100 users at a time. Glip boosts the productivity of your creative team right from the first user, as it removes communication barriers with built in text and video chat. In addition to that, it includes file sharing, task management and shared calendars.

Yet another benefit of using Glip is the fact that it is available as an application for mobile devices, regardless of the operating system they are running on. Glip is available for both Android and iOS. Now it is easier than ever to share team notes and enjoy unlimited file storage.

Glip’s dashboard is quite minimalistic, which is a huge plus when it comes to usability. It is broken down into a calendar where each user can click on a specific date and enter important information in a dialog box that pops up. Once this is done, the user can easily post that event for all team members to see.

Everything else is also quite intuitive and anyone can find his/her way around with Glip easier than with any other collaboration platforms that are currently available. Glip comes with some very powerful apps built right in.

To sum it all up, with Glip you can save a lot of time when it comes to getting something done. You can review the phases of your team’s project at any given time, thus allowing you to make better decisions – which will pave your team’s way to success! Get Glip now and you will start thinking about work in a different manner!

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