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Communication is an integral part of everyday life, and more so for online businesses. With the increased online security awareness, clients nowadays tend to make calls to determine whether the business is indeed genuine and to seek clarification and guidance.

As such, it is paramount that your business establishes a reliable and professional customer-care communication line. For excellence, consider Green Receptionist services.


Professionalism and dedication
Appealing positively to customers goes beyond simply answering calls. As such, these receptionists endeavor to provide comprehensive customer-care support services. This ensures all your services are consolidated and hence better manageable. They include:
• Making sales calls to potential clients

• Taking orders• Tracking calls

• Gathering relevant caller information

• Announcing and screening calls

Linking callers to you
In certain cases, it becomes necessary for both you and the client to speak directly for broader communication. In such cases, the receptionists are always ready to forward the calls to you through your device of choice; be it your cell phone, office line or even hotel line when you are on vacation. Furthermore, the forwarded calls come complete with the caller ID.

However, in cases where the call cannot be forwarded directly, you are guaranteed of comprehensive records in form of voice mail and email transcripts of the calls.

Every business is unique. To this end, Green Receptionist offers you an opportunity to customize the services to your preference. For instance, you can style the greeting phrase to highlight your business’ brand.

You can also provide a custom answering line. This ensures that your clients identify with the receptionist and build trust.

Instant set-up and 24/7 support
The biggest setback of customer-care is inadequate time, what with all the other business and personal activities. Fortunately, Green Receptionist has a big team of professional and experienced receptionists always ready to help your clients accordingly.

To this end, your customers are guaranteed comprehensive and passionate customer-care services every day, at whichever hour of the day.

Green Receptionist assures clients of quality service to help you get the much-needed peace of mind. That is not all, as the services are provided on a month-to-month basis, eliminating the need for a contract.

Build trust and loyalty in your customers through reliable customer-care channels. Solicit unmatched receptionist services from Green Receptionist.

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