Green Shore Publishing – Excellent Customer Service

There are many writers who never manage to see their books published, simply because they do not have the necessary funds. Besides that, the customer service at many book publishing  services is not doing what it is supposed to do – help the author and answer his/her questions.

But enough with all the inconveniences – they are not worth discussing. What is really worth it is the good news, which is Green Shore Publishing. As the company’s very motto points out, this is the UK and Ireland’s new standard in book publishing and it all starts with a truly remarkable customer support service.

Regardless of your how many questions you might have, this team of highly skilled professionals is always eager to help you fulfill your dream of having your book published and sold throughout the word. If you have any questions at all, simply contact the customer support service at Green Shore Publishing and you will receive a prompt and detailed reply.

Also, if you think that your book is ready to meet the shelfs, send the first three chapters to Green Shore Publishing for reviewing. The customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible and chances are that your manuscript will soon become available in book stores, thus making your dream come true.

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