Guys Don’t Get It

Approaching and talking to women seems an impossible task for many men. They feel as if they don’t have what it takes to attract women.

So, most men settle for one woman that doesn’t fulfill their needs. Most men settle for less than what they can really have in their dating life.

Movies give men unrealistic view on dating as if it is easy to seduce a woman. Movie stars don’t have approach anxiety, so men believe there is something seriously wrong with them since they can’t talk with the women, they are attracted to.

The truth is, everyone is afraid of talking to the opposite sex. It takes time and patience to learn how to attract women.

Dane Sarkis has studied and practiced the seducing techniques from the best dating coaches in the world.

After years of training with various dating coaches, Dane Sarkis has written a book with information about the best techniques of getting any woman interested in you.

In his book, you will learn how to control your anxiety with relaxation techniques. How to overcome anxiety with gradual exposure therapy.

As women care what their friends think of them, you will learn how to increase your social status and how to leave a good impression to women’s friends; hot girls will love to date you as their friends will have a positive opinion about you.

Women are bothered by men who want to sleep with them all the time; therefore, women reject a lot of men.

With Dane Sarkin’s book Guys Don’t Get It: Avoid Awkwardness and Learn To Create Attraction, you will learn the most common mistakes men do when they approach women.


You will learn how to prevent objections from occurring as you won’t make the same mistakes as the rest of the guys do.

Long gone are the days when people used to socialize. Now, it is the smart phone era, so you will have to know how to build attraction through texting.

Dane Sarkin has taken texting into consideration, and he has written the best texting techniques to get women interested in you.Most men don’t approach women as they don’t know what to say.

You will learn the conversational techniques that will keep women interested and will keep their attention.

So, don’t waste years reading and learning dating books as it has been already done by Dane Sarkin. He has prepared a report of the best dating techniques; the techniques that work and that have been tested.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on dating seminars and buy Guys Don’t Get It: Avoid Awkwardness and Learn To Create Attraction on Amazon.

For only $10, you get all you need to know without unnecessary fluff or useless pick up techniques that never work.

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