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We live in an age when technology plays an essential role in our daily lives. The same can be said about our smartphones. These devices let us stay in touch with the world 24/7 and are also our gateways to hours and hours of pure fun.

Speaking of fun, owners of Android devices are surely aware of the thousands of games they can get on Google Play.

Some of these games require us to activate our brain cells, while others are all about reflexes and casual gameplay.

So, whenever you’re in the mood for some casual fun, you should check out Happlet.


In Happlet, your job is to tap on the happy emoticons (Smilees) that are hiding somewhere on your screen. Make sure that you don’t tap on a sad emoticon (Sadlee), as you will get the game over message much sooner than you expect.

Quick reflexes and full concentration are what you need in order to perfect this amazing game.

Even though it’s casual, it’s surprisingly rich in content, offering 20 colorful environments to finish, several game modes and various obstacles that make locating all the Smilees both challenging and fun.

With 20 unique and colorful environments to play through, it’s clear that Purple Patch Studios (Happlet’s developers) wants you to spend many hours playing this game.

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