Having Problems with your Chimney?

There are several signs that show blockage in your chimney — which you should never ever ignore — including distorted metal on the chimney, fissures in tiles, fissures in the exterior of the masonry, damaged TV antenna or roof from the chimney, etc.

These factors represent a possible danger of starting a fire in your chimney that can expand to your house’s interior. In order to prevent this scenario, you must call roofers to clean your chimney of creosote build-up.

The summer is the best period as you are not using your chimney, so you can wait for the winter prepared.

However, you should only call highly respected and experienced roofers, such as downriverroofers.com/chimney-masonry-repair-downriver-michigan to clean your chimney.

This company has been elected as the best roofing company several years in a row.


Its roofers have the best equipment to clean every roof and chimney. Your chimney will be thoroughly cleaned, and you will also receive a free inspection of your roof.

The Downriver roofers will clean your roof, and they will inspect every milimeter of your roof for possible loose shingles, tear-offs, holes, etc.

You will be informed of the necessary repairs that your roof needs, and the possible re-roofing if necessary. Each service is made with high quality materials that can withstand more damage from storms.

So, you should call the best roofers in Michigan to inspect and repair your roof.

You should make sure your family is safe during the winter with a chimney clean of creosote.

You should also make sure your roof is in excellent condition for the upcoming rough weather.

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