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Herpes Review, a blog written by Life Sciences graduate Lisa Podolsky, dedicates itself to spreading knowledge about the Herpes virus and its prevention. It aims to instill its readers with a sense of responsibility about their health.

The site provides all the information everyone needs on the Herpes virus. Lisa’s articles on the site focus on the virus’ causes, treatment and most importantly, prevention.

To underline the potential damage the virus can cause, Lisa explains how it has links to severe medical conditions such as deafness. She gives updates on a developing Herpes vaccine.


A definite boon of this site is its clean, sleek design. Well-organized, it is easy to navigate. Lisa does not merely dish out information. She also helps people deal with a health condition that is sensitive. One of the hallmarks of Herpes Review is that it helps people struck by the virus deal with their feelings of depression, hurt and isolation.

For regular, updated, precise and very importantly, compassionate information on the Herpes virus, do not hesitate to visit Lisa’s site at http://www.herpesreview.com

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