With a rise in the popularity of social networks, more and more dating websites have been manifesting themselves, that each cater to a specific individual.

However, people who have herpes have come to realize that there really isn’t a STD dating site available that provides a rich user experience. However, Hmeet, has rising to the top of the tier, when it comes to a reliable herpes dating site.

Upon registration, users are given the option of being able to select the form of the virus that they have. This information in particular, can be used within the search bar of the website, when it comes to locating other individuals who have that very exact form of the virus as well.


As far as the features of the website goes, members need not fear the possibility of encountering a dubious character, due to the fact that they have a credential system that lets you see who has been verified by the staff of the STD dating site.

Besides that, the STD dating site offers a few interesting features that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, such as the ability to read one of over 1000 treatment and success stories that have been posted by other members as well as information about a wide array of care locations and events.

Due to the high level of safety and security that the staff behind the website provides such as a complex algorithm that does an effective job at eliminating scammers and fake users, users can elect to upgrade their membership which in turn will give them the opportunity to unlock a few of the features that are blocked from free users such as the ability to send a message to a gold member.

Overall,, is not one of the best herpes dating sites that provides a rich user experience, its friendly and non judgmental atmosphere, can serve as a great tool to utilize when it comes to finding a compatible partner.

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