Homeless Regime by Amelus Digital Pty Limited

Can you imagine a day where you work for hours, asking, performing, and begging – and all that for mere pennies?

Your throat is sore and you’re exhausted, but you know that if you stop, you and your family will go hungry – so you go on. You need some medicine, but you need to work for that too.

Hours go by, and you’re still no nearer to reaching your goal. This sounds like an impossible task, doesn’t it? But that’s just another day in the life of the homeless people.

Homeless Regime is a game bent on doing something for society. As a result, it donates 35% of its profits from all the games sold in Australia to charities which support the homeless.


A game of strategy, Homeless Regime is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to beg, peddle, perform, and sleep.

This will enable you to virtually live the life of a homeless man on the streets Sydney. As you divide your time in basic activities, you will be rewarded by pennies.

While an exciting and challenging game, this is sure to awaken you to the troubles of homelessness.

This is not a very large app and won’t take up much of your device’s memory. The size of the app will ensure no lagging or malfunction while in use in any way. The game is chock full of challenges. You will enjoy challenging yourself you advance.

This is an excellent game for anyone lucky enough to come across it. This app gloats distinctive representation, smooth interface, and exciting sound. This is the sort of app that anybody can, without much of a stretch, get pulled in to.

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