Honey Skin Care Products

The Chris County Essence website is a website that features the various home skin care products that are offered by this company.

The most unique thing about the products available on the website is that they are all derived from the natural organic products produced by bees.

This means they are primarily made from honey and wax, with the additional of other many natural extracts such as natural fruit extracts.

Chris’s Country Essence provides a wide array of honey-based products. Not only do they offer delicious natural honey, but also honey-based skin care and bath and body products, beeswax candles, and much more.

Products offered

The range of honey skin care products offered through the Chris Country essence website include the following:-

  • Natural honey balm
  • Bee bubbly foaming hand wash
  • Busy bee collection body souffle which is available in 4 and 16 ounce sizes
  • Honey collection bee soft body powder
  • Hand sanitizer solution
  • Busy bee collection hand wash
  • Honey collection bee sweet body mist
  • Honey collection evening primrose massage oil
  • Simply natural body balm tube


All the above honey based products are also offered in other fruit and berry variants which include the following:-

  • Cranberry e.g. Natural cranberry balm
  • Sweet cherry e.g. Sweet cherry sanitizer solution
  • Mango e.g. Mango hand wash

Other additional variants of the above products include the fresh garden collection and the simply natural collection.

In addition to the honey skin care products, the site also offers a similarly extensive range of body and bath products such as balms and shampoos.

These products are also placed in the different categories that are offered for the honey bases skin care products. The site does also offer a refined honey as well as an assortment of bee wax candles.

The Chris Country Essence site definitely offers a unique range of natural honey skin care products.

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