Hopi Maize App

Even though the Google Play market is filled with an abundance of puzzle games, lets face it, 99% of them lack originality. I can’t begin to tell you how many “Tetris” apps l have downloaded.

As such, I felt as if I got a breath of fresh air once I downloaded Hopi Maize. What I love the most about this app, is its uniqueness and ingenuity.

l have never played a puzzle game that had a similar concept as this before. Even though I was matching multiple elements, there was a purpose for each mission, to reach the artifact for that level, which in itself represented a fair challenge the farther and farther l progressed.

Another thing I love is that the game doesn’t have any timers. This gives you the opportunity to introduce a strategic element in the sense that you can plan your moves out beforehand, so you can acquire a higher score.


If you a puzzle lover like me and you have grown tired of the clones in the puzzle category of Google Play, then this may restore your faith in the puzzle genre.

Even though i’m an avid fan of puzzle related Apps, l have yet to come across an App like this. As soon as you hit the play button, you can jump right in.

The objective of the game is to continuously match theelements until the artifact appears in a targeted element.

It is then left up to the player to strategically move their way through the elements by matching them, until they can get the adjacent element to match the one that contains the artifact.

The first few levels are fairly simply, but as you progress, it does present a fair amount of challenge.

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