How to Meet Other People with Herpes

Living with herpes doesn’t mean you have isolate yourself from the world. There’s no reason for you to ever feel alone, for there is somebody else for you with herpes as well; somebody who can share with you what it means to live with herpes in a world that constantly shames.

It’s not easy finding people who openly share that they have herpes outside, and in today’s society the best way to meet others you can truly relate to is through online dating sites for singles with herpes.


The following three sites has revolutionized the way herpes singles connect through systems like speed dating applications, video chat, event gatherings and more. Have a look for yourself at our top 3 picks:

Positive Singles

Positivity and encouragement flourishes on Positive Singles, and everywhere you look, whether you’re in search of love or friendship, there is somebody looking to welcome you with open arms and show you how supporting the herpes community of singles is.

The level of communication on Positive Singles is one of its most impressive parts, connection over 1 million users worldwide and providing a source of communication for the 120,000 users who are newly messaging each other each day.

The website has been featured on top news outlets such as The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, guaranteeing the legitimacy and reputability of this charismatic, welcoming, and positive dating site.


Here is a site that encompasses all the wishes and needs of individuals living with herpes. Not only is HMeet an outstanding platform for meeting other individuals with herpes, it is provides community members with resources for gathering together at events where like-minded individuals can meet in person in a safe and welcoming environment.

On top of that, HMeet members can gain access to herpes counselors and herpes dating counselors, who are always on call to ensure the HMeet experience is as supportive as it is uplifting and not costly to take part in.

Hundreds of thousands of HMeet members are logging in each day, updating their highly personalized profiles, sending quirky e-greets, and even updating their aDideal first date’ lists. HMeet puts the fun back into dating for those who have felt they don’t deserve an enjoyable dating expenence.


Hope is one of the newer herpes dating sites available on the Internet today, but all that means is the site is more progressive than any of its counterparts in providing an all-encompassing, supportive, and charismatic experience within its simple, organized, and modern interface.

Hope is one of the easiest herpes dating sites to use, and prefers to keep it simple so that less time is wasted messing around with the site and more time is spent truly connecting and getting to know other like-minded individuals.

The Hope dating application for your mobile devices includes a unique speed-dating feature to meet herpes singles on the go, and users can even exchange virtual gifts with prospective partners to show them just how interested they are.

Unlike many other sites, Hope is geared to make the connecting experience more personal than messages, encouraging users to utilize the video and voice messaging systems, to get to know other herpes singles on a truer and more intimate level.

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