How to Protect yourself from Ice Dams

One in ten people dies from a fallen ice dam. Ice dams represent a serious danger for everyone, especially for kids and the elderly. Ice dams are sharp and strong; ice dams can get very big if they are neglected.

Ice dams are most dangerous for the elderly, for the elderly have low bone density; consequently, ice dams can easily cause fractures in the elderly.


Kids find ice dams fun, but kids can also cause a deep wound to some of their peers since kids don’t assume that ice dams are sharp as knives.

Therefore, you should do everything that is in your power to prevent the creation of ice dams around your house:

1. Clean your gutter from leaves and anything else that prevents the water from flowing. Ice dams are created when the water is stuck in the gutters: the freezing temperatures create the ice dams since the leftover water in your gutter cannot flow down the gutter.

2. Add holiday roof decorations. The roof decorations heat up the roof and prevent ice dams from creating. With roof decorations, you entertain your kids, and you also decrease the chances of getting a hole, from ice dams, in your roof during the upcoming holidays.

3. Properly insulate and ventilate your house. Ventilation and insulation protect your house of ice dam creation.

But you shouldn’t take all these preventative measures by yourself, you need professional roofers advice on how to ventilate and insulate your house, how to choose the proper roof decorations according to the type of roof you have, and you need professional roofers to carefully check your roof for other places for water retention besides your gutter.

The will check every inch of your roof; they will make sure your gutters are 100% clean of anything that might keep the water from flowing, and they will help you choose the proper roof decorations that will protect your house from ice dams.

Call them now as it has already started to rain; prevent the rain from turning into lethal ice dams. Make sure your family is safe and have a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas this season without any problems with theĀ ice dams downriver Michigan.

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