How to Rid Your Space of Excessive Clutter

After the clutter and junk sits in your space for so long, it can be easy to stop really noticing that it is even there. The first step to clearing your home or space is dedicating a time to tackle the job and committing to it.

Organize What You Have

Separating your unwanted junk into categories will make the removal process that much easier. Make a pile for garbage, items to donate, stuff to sell, and things to keep. Periodically get rid of what you can, like dumping the garbage pile every 15 minutes, for immediate and motivating results.

Sell What You Can

Knowing that you can make a few dollars from getting rid of your unwanted belongings might be all the motivation you need to get the task done. Make sure that the items are in good condition and are clean before you try to sell them. Hosting a garage sale, selling to a consignment or pawn shop, and posting items to online forums can result in minor or major cash in hand.

Don’t Skip the Hard Tasks

Large, rare, or hard to move items can seem like an additional job and often get avoided or pushed off. Things like appliances or scrap metal take up large amounts of space and can instantly make an area seem less cluttered after they are removed. Find a place that will take it, such as the locations that specialize in metal recycling in Byram Township, NJ. You will get rid of the clutter, help the environment (by recycling it instead of dumping it in a landfill), and even possibly get some cash in return for it.

Organize What You Keep

Everyone ends up saving things that they can’t seem to leg go of quite yet. To prevent further build-up, only keep the items that you are sure you will use and then store them neatly and organized. This will ensure less clutter and keep the area looking clean.

A good rule-of-thumb for managing clutter is to get rid of anything that you haven’t used in a reasonable amount of time, like six months or a year. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you end up with a messy space so you can tackle it with a positive energy. Then, try your best to keep it minimal until the next clean-up!

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