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You can be tempted to do many things, including taking photos for your partner that can fall in the wrong hands.

Many people have lost their reputation — although they had a great biography — because someone got hold of their private photos.

You don’t want to find your photos online at an adult website. This can destroy your career, and it can devastate your parents.

So, you’d better protect your sensitive files. A strong password can deter, even the most persistent, hackers from hacking into your intimate files.

But you can add extra protection by taking pictures of the hacker who tries to hack into your private files. Hacking is a crime and the punishment is very severe.

You can punish anyone who tries to hack into your smartphone with Hurt Locker.


This security app allows you to protect your sensitive data with a password, and in case someone tries to hack into your account, it takes photos of the person who failed to guess your password.

The pictures of the perpetrator can be used against the perpetrator in front of the authorities.

This app is very cheap and very effective at preventing password cracking. It protects your messages, pictures, videos, call logs, and other files that you want to protect from the eyes of others.

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Once you hide files with this app, they are deleted from your phone’s memory, so you can only see them via your password security software.

By downloading Hurt Locker you will save your intimate files for the person intended.

Don’t let anyone misuse your files without your consent. Keep your reputation high and prevent mishaps from occurring with effective security software.

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