Do you struggle with xbmc live streaming on your computer? Does your computer’s system need repair? If the answer to both questions is yes, you will need the help of Husham Memar. Husham is an information technology expert with an uncanny knack for computer systems and repair. This friendly IT expert aims to help professionals and companies with all their information technology needs.

Contact Husham if your computer’s system is running too slowly. He makes sure that it is usable in no time at all. If you are afraid that essential Windows or Mac software has been wrongly installed, Husham is available to help. He installs important software quickly, without fuss. He also gives advice on how to take care of your computer’s firmware and software programs.


In addition, Husham provides expertise on XBMC live streaming. He installs XBMC and KODi live streaming software on your personal computer and mobile phone, via Remote Control software programs, Husham makes his software installation services available to companies as well. Companies can hire the efficient, reliable Husham to install and configure their databases.

This information technology professional assures you of his ability. One of the advantages of getting him to install XBMC live streaming software on your PC is that he explains how to use it and solve related issues in his Youtube XBMC program tutorials. With his friendly voice, he has made these XBMC program tutorials a must-watch.

To add, his website has useful articles on computers, live streaming and how to play PC games. For movie enthusiasts, he explains how to watch movies using a VideoLan Client (VLC). If you ever need help with a faulty computer or installing live streaming channels on your smart phone, contact Husham Memar at

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