HVAC and Allergies

Allergy sufferers often seek solace in their homes to get away from triggers that can cause their symptoms to flare up. Unfortunately, the air inside your home can be just as bad, if not worse, than the air outdoors thanks to a poorly maintained HVAC system. Thankfully, you can improve the overall quality of your indoor air, reduce allergy symptoms, and even reduce energy cost by simply providing proper care for your HVAC system.

Check your Air Filter

The air filter is an important part of your HVAC system that helps keep dust, dirt, and debris from reentering your home. When the air filter becomes clogged, those microscopic impurities that can trigger allergies will go back into your home’s air. Furthermore, a clogged air filter reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system, causing it to worker hard. This not only increases the amount of energy that the system uses, but it puts unnecessary strain on the entire system. And this added strain could mean having to hire a company that specializes in HVAC repair Fairfax VA to fix or replace your heating and cooling system. The good news is that replacing the air filter is extremely simple and goes a long way to protect your air quality and HVAC system.

Seal your Ducts

The ducts of your HVAC system helps to distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home. When they become ripped or otherwise damaged, that air can become compromised with microscopic impurities that trigger allergy symptoms. Damaged ducts will also increase the amount of energy you use, which means higher utility bills. Thankfully, you can use DIY duct sealing methods to repair any holes or cracks in the ducts.

Regularly Maintenance

No matter how well you take care of your HVAC system yourself, you will need the help of a professional HVAC company to check your system once or twice a year. HVAC technicians have the training, tools, knowledge, and experience to inspect your heating and cooling system to ensure it’s in working order. This preventive maintenance examination will also let the technician if there are any potential problems that need addressed before they become serious and potentially hazardous. Most experts recommend having a trusted HVAC technician check your system before the summer and winter season.


If you think there is a problem with your heating and cooling system, have an expert technician check it out ASAP. A system that isn’t working properly can pose a safety risk for you and your family.

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