iLearn Papiamento App

Are you planning on visiting Aruba or its environs? Then learning some Papiamento is the best idea.

Finding resources to help you get a hold of this language is usually a real challenge, but with the iLearn Papiamento mobile and tablet app, it can never go wrong.

Not only will learning this language make communication easier when you visit this area, but making an effort to learn their language is also a beautiful gesture to the locals and they will definitely love you for it.

This app is designed for all learners of Papiamento, whether you are just starting out with no clue at all or you have some knowledge of the language.


It comes in 20 categories to make your learning more organized and productive.

These categories include basic, numbers, alphabet, greetings, bank, travel, shopping, people, driving, romance, health, restaurant, flights, time, hotels, dates, animals, education, sports and phrases.

Not only will these help you in learning Papiamento, but could also act as a reference to things you are not sure about when visiting areas that use it as their main language.

This makes it really efficient and effective for travelers who plan on visiting Aruba.


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