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Bullying is a serious problem; bullies use rude and brutal measures to bully physically weaker students. Bullies put their victim’s head in a bathroom toilet; they kick their victims everywhere they see them.

Bullies use threats to prevent their victims from turning them into the school authorities, parents, and police. Therefore, if you’re a parent of a teenager or a minor, you should install Inform Me on your kid’s cell phone.

Inform Me is an app that informs parents about their kid’s location, phone calls and SMS their kids receive, and it also informs parents when their kid arrives at home or at school.


By using this app, parents can prevent their kid from being bullied at school since bullying can leave serious consequences on a kid’s self-confidence. Bullying can cause depression, and in the worst case scenario, it can lead to suicide.

Inform Me is an excellent app that can help parents to protect and build trust with their kid. Parents can show how much their kid is worth to them. They will not let anyone offend or bully their loved one.

Another benefit of Inform Me: if your kid’s cell phone is stolen, you can find the thief’s location, and you can report the thief to the authorities.

Inform Me is an excellent app that helps parents look after their kids, and it informs parents if their kids are skipping school or doing their homework.


Parents will be able to control their kids actions, and they will help them become successful in life. So every parent should install this app on its minor kid’s cell phone, and parents of teenagers should install this app with their teenager’s consent on its cellphone.

Install this app and feel sure that your kid is safe at any time. Don’t let anyone torture your kid and build a trust with your kid by letting it know that you will always be here for him/her. Install Inform Me from

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