Innovative Home and Business Security Systems for a Reliable Second Line of Defence

lDLink Systems ( offers services regarding biometric door lock/CCTV camera in Singapore. lDLink Systems is a manufacturer, distributor, and provider of biometric products and services using state-of-the-art fingerprint, palm vein, iris, facial, voice, and other biometric technologies.

The company specializes in not only biometric solutions, but also system integration, turnstile and barrier systems, time management solutions, video surveillance, and access control solutions. lDLink Systems offers comprehensive customer service and offers support 24 hours a day for banks and other companies that require constant security support and the availability of the helpful staff at lDLink Systems.

When you gaze around the website you’ll notice the specific menu items on the top, upon scrolling over them you’ll immediately see a drop-down menu of sub-menu items, or simply just click the menu to see them in a wide range view.

Biometric Door Locks are available with a variety to choose from such as fingerprint access, facial access, palm and even lris providing comfort and security knowing that only the people you allow to be registered on your device are the ones that will gain access into your privacy, on top of the much added bonus of making the house keys a thing of the past.

The company can implement security systems including biometric door access and locker access, RF door access, keypress management, 30 command centers, and CCTV camera in Singapore. lDLink Systems’ website offers comprehensive and detailed information about the company’s services regarding the implementation of biometric security systems in your place of business.


lDLink Systems not only offers security systems, but also IT services. Also available are services to help your company keep track of time and attendance of employees, visitors, and clientele.

TimeSphere, for instance, is a web-based time and attendance system offered by the company so that you can check the attendance of your staff from your office, home, or any place in the world. The software also integrates with the biometric systems offered by lDLink so all of the programs work together to keep your company secure and organized.

With high security protecting your home doors, it is essential that the whole package is included and they deliver the whole package, top of the line surveillance systems are available to choose from, such as the CCTV IR dome Camera or the sleek Bullet style camera, both compatible with the real-time DVR to record any and all activity that occurs near your vicinity.

In addition, to the services provided by the company, they added references and a support section to answer and inquiries that may come up while making a decision as such experience changing as your private security in your home or business.

Without doubt, this is your one stop solutions provider for security technologies to strengthen the line of defense against personal information theft and business crimes in Singapore.

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