Invi SMS Messenger Upgrades your SMS Experience

We all love the internet as the quickest way to get in touch with our relatives and friends.

However, the challenge with technology is that it’s constantly changing, and one has to ensure they keep up with the speed to make maximum use of technology.

There are hundreds of apps that are developed each year to help users of the internet interact more and more.

Technology has made things easier, and this Invi SMS Messenger is a mobile messaging application for Android.

The application allows the users to search for photos, videos from YouTube and much more and then share it to their contacts.

The new app for Android comes to making SMS better, and it doesn’t aim to replace it in any way.

With all the other application mostly aimed at replacing SMS, this application is one that you will love. The app will build a richer and better SMS that is client-friendly.

inviWith the new app, you will enjoy so much with your SMS and do more. You have the ability to have your inbox screen customized with beautiful themes.

You will also be able to switch automatically between IM and SMS. You can use the mini-applications without leaving your conversation and enjoy watching and sharing video clips as you text.

The Invi App is easy to learn and offers you the chance to create a group made up of up to one hundred friends.

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