Israel Figa – Founder of the Largest Trading Company in the USA and UK


For you to be successful at a tender age, you must not only be creative but must also come up with interesting ideas. However, you must be willing to work hard, make strategic plans and dedicate your time before achieving your goals.

Don’t expect to accomplish your lifetime goals overnight – be patient. Be the architect of your life. In USA, one of the most reputed individual in business industry is Israel Figa.

Israel Figa has built his name by being the youngest and most successful businessman in USA.

He is well-known for major accomplishments – being the founder of his shipping company and setting a high par for shipping companies in USA.

Today, he is the CEO of 24/7 Trade Company which is responsible for transporting cargo and material to and from USA and UK.

24/7 Trade Company – Chief Executive Officer

Any company is as good as its leader. Figa’s company is the most successful and largest shipping company in United Kingdom and United States of America as it handles all shipment in the eastern region of USA.

Domestic shipment are delivered in less than a day while international shipment take at most 3 days to arrive. Other major destinations include Africa and Asia.

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