Jello Jump – Fun and Interactive

The Google Play Store has been getting a bad rap for not supporting as many games as iOS. While it is true, the platform is quickly closing the gap, and there are plenty of great games you can download.

More significantly, Google updated its platform to support multiplayer support on iOS, bringing cross-platform turn based and real time multiplayer support across iOS and Android.

The best of these games combine advanced graphics with simple touch based controls, making it easy for you to pick up your phone or tab and jump into the action.

The game play of Jello Jump seems to be simplistic, but don’t get fooled – it is hard. Fortunately the game doesn’t use randomly generated platforms, so it is pretty easy to memorize their mechanics.

download (1)The game doesn’t have any levels; you simply play to score higher. When you reach a score of ten, tiny globs of jello will appear on the screen. Collecting a single glob will earn you ten points.

Collecting 20 globs will earn 200 points, which unlock other jello forms. These include plus sign jello, gaming controller jello, T-shaped jello, stool jello, and a variety of other forms.

These different jello shapes have minor differences in mechanics, which makes some more challenging to control than others.

Spider jellos, for example, are the hardest to play with as the tiny legs easily get caught up in small spaces between closing platforms, which is something you do not have to worry about when playing with a cube.

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