JerusalemHand – Supporting the Rehabilitated

We live in a world full of contrasts, a world where safety and danger are only temporary states. There are people around the world, who find their lives suddenly turned upside down, due to tragic events such as hurricanes, tornadoes or tsunamis – to name a few.

Despite all the world organizations, local military forces or national emergency action plans that are put into motion when the situation demands it, there is one highly important aspect that tends to be overlooked, namely the emotional experience of the victims, the psychological trauma.

That is the reason why JerusalemHand, an international organization for rehabilitation was founded – as a means to give a sympathetic ear and voice to those who survived tragedies. In doing so, they can draw in donors through their stories in order to rebuild their lives.

Its mission is to reach out and give a helping or soothing hand to all those unfortunate souls upon which tragedy struck. The official website offers its members the chance to make donations, in order to help the unfortunate, and besides that it also proposes a proactive take on disaster – it does so through the well-written ‘how to’ guides that smartly instruct you what to do in case of a flood or an earthquake, for example.

JerusalemHand not only helps rehabilitate houses or infrastructures. The organization also soothes broken hearts. Give a helping hand and visit It will definitely touch your heart!


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