John Kavanagh – London Based Front-End Developer

If you want to start an online business, you should first think about what type of product or service you are going to sell. Once the decision is made, there is another aspect that needs your full attention and this is, without any doubt whatsoever, the most important factor of your journey to become a successful online entrepreneur.

You need a website that really stands out of the crowd in terms of both functionality and design. In order to get such a website you could either hire a web design and development company or a front-end developer – a freelancer, to be more precise.

John Kavanagh is a London based freelance front-end developer with 11 years of experience. He specializes in building responsive and adaptive websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Clients that he has worked with inlcude Linkedin, eBay, Amazon and many more world-famous brands and companies.

Now back to your website; who would you like to take care of this project – a company that will need months and an entire team to deliver a website that will not be what you wanted ot John Kavanagh, who is a front-end developer that will deliver an outstanding site? Check out the John Kavanagh website and you’ll have your answer.

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