Jules Poiret in the Murder of Lady Malvern

Reading nourishes your mind and soul, but sadly enough, nowadays people do not read like they used to. Some blame it on the media, others on the stressful daily routines, but you should know that no movie will ever come close to a book – and the best part is that now you can combine technology and books and read using your e-reader.

And if you are the type of person who likes a good mystery, then “The Murder of Lady Malvern” by Frank Howel Evans, as you will discover from this brief ebook review. The main character is famous detective Jules Poiret who is invited to the birthday party of Lady Malvern. Even though he is happy to see his old friend once again, his joy soon turns to sorrow, as Lady Malvern is murdered. The detective takes this case very personally and vows to avenge his dear friend’s death.

As you can see, the story line is quite captivating and there is no doubt that you will not be able to stop reading until you’re done with the whole book. Yet another benefit is the fact that you can store it on your Kindle, a fact that makes the entire reading experience an even more pleasant one, so get yours now!

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