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The upgrading of barren land may entail a series of works ranging from grading, logging, erosion control, excavating, initial landscaping and the installation of sewage and other basic services.

For areas that may not have access to the main sewer line, the land owner may be required to install a septic tank for the land sewage system. There are different types of septic tanks available for land owners.

These include gravity septic tanks, pretreated systems and complex multifaceted septic systems. Besides the initial installation of the septic tank and other basic land services, a land owner will also need to continually service and maintain the systems.

For such initial land preparation works and the subsequent maintenance services, you will need to ensure that you have contracted an experienced company to ensure that these foundational services are correctly done.

The excavation services will also need to be conducted as per local authority requirements so as to qualify for an On-site Sewer System (OSS).

Kat Trax Inc is a highly recommended excavation & erosion control and land preparation firm that provides its services within Pacific Northwest.


The company operates in Pierce, Kitsap, Mason and Jefferson County. Having been in operation within this region for many years, this company has a clear understanding of the topography and the land orientation thus giving them an upper hand when it comes to land excavation and preparation.

The company has invested in modern high quality equipment and earth moving machines that provide a superior service to its customers.

Furthermore, their experience in developing raw land will also translate to practical cost-saving works that will also save you time.

You can also opt for their comprehensive package that includes excavation, land prepare, perform landscaping and the installation of a septic tank. This package is hassle free and will save you on costs and time.

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