Kazoom Cafe

Looking for a great place in Montreal to organize the perfect party for your children?

Though there are many available Montreal kids party venues for rent, few of them manage to meet all the necessary space and equipment standards.


An excellent party venue can throw a successful celebration for your kids, while handling all the necessary preparations, leaving you with a peace of mind.

So, if you are looking for the perfect kids party venue, look no further than the Kazoom entertainment center.

Imagine a clean and safe space, where many schools and daycares choose to bring their children.

Luckily, you can rent this fantastic space to design an amazing party for your little ones.

There are two renting options that offer individual benefits while both of them feature unlimited playground access, chocolate birthday cake, private party space for 90 minutes, a bag of chips, 4 liters of juice as well as all the necessary party accessories.

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