Kitchen Renovation Most Avoidable Designs

Kitchens are the new dining rooms: the centerpiece of every house, where families and friends come together. This means that kitchen design is getting harder. Not only does a kitchen have to be functional, but also spacious and attractive. However, there are a lot of pitfalls that can prevent this.

  • Making Unreachable Cabinets

Some designers are afraid of bringing cabinets up to the ceiling, because the top shelves are hard to access. However, here’s the rub: if you can’t reach a high shelf, how will you dust the top of a cabinet? Instead of making things easier, cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling just collect dust, garbage, and unused appliances.

Easy accessible cabinets are the best option, reach the top shelf to arrange the stuffs there and also easy to access the top of the cabinet to clear the dust and other deposits.

  • Pretending That Maintenance Isn’t an Issue

Lots of materials look great, but aren’t practical. We all love granite countertops, but does everyone have the time to take care of them? A designer should discuss maintenance with their clients to come up with a good balance between flash and practicality.

  • Neglecting Counter Space

Useful counter space sometimes just gets… forgotten. It’s not that designers are opposed to it, they just don’t check to make sure there is space for toasters, coffee makers, teapots, dishes, and more.

  • Impeding Flow

In the best kitchens, you should be able to fit at least three people, one walking from the sink to the dishwasher, another from the dishwasher to the stove, and a final one from the stove to the fridge, without anyone running into each other. This keeps people moving in the kitchen, whether they’re doing dishes, getting drinks, or making food.

If you are considering the dining space to for a smaller family in the kitchen then one should consider a little bit more space, accordingly.

  • Skimping on Cabinets

Since cabinets are often covered by lacquer, designers sometimes think particle board works just as well as real wood. Then, when it’s time to open and close these cabinets all day, every day, they tend to break. A lot.

Cabinets are one of the most-abused parts of a kitchen and saving money on them when renovating just leads to higher costs in the future.

  • Not Enough Trash Space

Many designers act like this is still the 70s, when we just tossed everything in an open dump and hoped for the best. That’s far from reality. Most cities have recycling programs, green bin programs, and hazardous waste depots. As a result, households need space for three or more trash receptacles. So, if you are a designer yourself you should know the fact that each area have different wastage management and accordingly should plan the trash space as well.

  • Too Many Trends, Not Enough Classics

Some design elements in a kitchen planning actually last. Stainless steel appliances and islands have stood the test of time. Other trends are unproven, like bright-colored cabinets, ceiling racks, and restaurant-quality stovetops. These might be perfect for the current owners, but it could depreciate over time.

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