La Salita Cafe – Puerto Rican (Boricua) Culture at its Finest


Puerto Rico is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world and this is a truth that no one, who has ever been there, can deny. The real magic of this Island in the Caribbean lies in the fact that it has somehow managed to keep its original Boricua culture alive. While other states and territories have lost a great deal of its traditions and cultural aspects, Puerto Rico remains an exception and this is perhaps one of the main reasons why it continues to fascinate people from across the globe.

The state itself is heavenly, surrounded by amazing beaches and crystal clear waters, but the soul of Puerto Rico is all about art and culture; in all variations. It is this very fact that has led Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet to found La Salita Café. Even the purest and most resilient of cultures are threatened by the modern-day globalization phenomenon we are experiencing.

As a consequence, Puerto Rico’s authenticity has to be protected and the only realistic and feasible way to achieve such a goal is to give people easy access to cultural events. La Salita Café was imagined as an oasis of rich culture, where people can nurture their souls and delight their senses.


When it comes to comparing venues, La Salita Café clearly stands out of the crowd, as it is Puerto Rico’s latest spoken word, poetry, live music and open mic café. The fascination of La Salita Café lies in the fact that one can indulge in amazing live performances from the most talented local artists. The primary purpose of all this is to discover, showcase and be the launching platform for local emerging Puerto Rican talent.

La Salita Café has made it its mission to both empower and foster Puerto Rico’s local artists. In addition to that, it is noteworthy that the management of this café also promotes local talents. By doing this, La Salita Café revives traditional music, thus ensuring that the Puerto Rican Taino culture survives and thrives once again.

To summarize, one should know that the values that lye at the very core of La Salita Café are community, dialogue and culture. At the same time I’d venture into saying that these ingredients are also the perfect recipe for a redounding success. Last, but not least, this place will undoubtedly become the state’s most sought-after venue for people who are passionate about live music in Puerto Rico, poetry and spoken word.

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