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Apart from teaching us about music, Prince Avery is also a writer, beat-maker, composer and lyricist with an incredibly unique style. The www.Princetheproducer.com website helps to showcase this unmatched talent.

You can download quite a number of beats free of charge. These beats are of different yet unique style ranging from hip-hop beats to slower ones.

For each showcased beat, you can download, like, share, repost, download, add to your online playlist or buy an untagged version.

There is also a mobile application that will allow you to access even the newest of the beats and music on this website via your phone.


This app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and you will be good to enjoy great music on your smartphone. Courtesy of DatPiffcom, you can also download Prince’s mixtapes from this website.

In case you plan to use the best instrumentals for your music, then Princetheproducer.com is the website to visit. Rather than using the free common beats used by most musicians, this is your chance to buy the most unique and attractive beat.

This website has a collection of beat-maker background instrumentation, jazzy instruments, trap instruments, club bangers and RNB/soul beats and depending on your music genre, you can easily listen and buy them.

Apart from downloading beats, music and mixtapes, you can also book Prince Avery or the “And We Like” band to perform at your event. This band consists of Prince Avery, Controverc, Freaky TY and Profit Zone.

For the best access to the best products and services from this website, you also need to subscribe to their newsletter so as to build your career and fan base.

In conclusion, Prince avery has been a producer for 10 years and song writer for 3 years with the “And We Like” Music Group. He shares the most effective tips and strategies for new musicians getting started in the business.

Learn how to produce your own music from the ground up and promote it on a budget for maximum effect!

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