Learn to Create Attraction with the help of Dane Sarkis

It is the smart phone era, so in order to succeed as a pick up artist, you will have to learn how to attract women over the phone.

Therefore, Dane Sarkis, has included in his book “Guys Don’t Get It: Avoid Awkwardness and Learn To Create Attraction” a 7 step formula for building attraction over the phone.

This is an essential part of getting women to sleep with you. Your Facebook profile and your Instagram profile tell everything about you; you have to make sure your social media appearance makes you attractive to women.


This is the main benefit of Dane Sarkis’s book; you learn seduction techniques that correspond with the era we live in. A lot of pick up artists still teach men techniques that don’t work any more, such as openers.

With Dane Sarkis book, you will learn how to attract women by making the perfect Facebook profile that makes women attracted to you.

You will learn how to increase your social status, so your Facebook profile is full of pictures with people who have a big social status in your environment. Women find men with high social status irresistible, so you will be the guy women will be proud to be seen around with.

You will learn the 4 step system for keeping the conversation going. Once you attract sexy women, you will always have an interesting topic that will make your dating life interesting. You will learn how to build attractiveness in a couple of minutes. You will be in full control over the situation.

So learn how to be a seducer with Dane SArkis’s book. Buy it on Amazon and have the women of your dreams in your life.

Have the sex life of a Hollywood star and feel confident that you can have any woman you find attractive. Stop dreaming of being a seducer and become a real seducer with Dane Sarkis’s expert book on becoming a seducer.

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