MailScholar: Easy To Use School Communications Software

MailScholar app has found the best way to do this. Through the incorporation of all major communication technologies, this app can be used by any educational institution to send or post messages, reminders, memos and public posts to parents and teachers.


The principle will then add the teachers’ emails to the school’s account and a unique login and dashboard assigned to each teacher. This allows the principle to monitor all communications and posts. Parents on the other hand, can download this app from the App Store and Google Play or access it via email subscription.

They are then given the same code to connect to their individual classes by the teacher. This app may support multilingual communication as it will be built with a translator in the future.

MailScholar is currently 90% complete, though it is already ripe for market standards. Through, its developers seek your help in funding it for development of peripheral apps to ensure its 100% functioning.

There are several training videos that you can watch to familiarize yourself with the system. And if you ever come across a problem, you can always seek support either via live chat, phone, or email.

For any donation given above $10, you get a reward, ranging from the badge “I helped fund MailScholar” to Founder, Philanthropist and a free 5-year subscription for your school of choice.

Pledges are already underway in a bid to get this incredible project funded by Kickstarter, with the only requirement being that at least $30,000 is pledged by 10th October 2015.


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