Make a Slideshow Video with the New PepBlast Motion Pictures App

Pep Blast allows users to create exciting movies with pictures and music. It could be used in several applications for taking quick photos with smartphones, and making short movies to share in social networks.


Basically, it’s a robust mobile app movie creator that enables users to easily create movies and slideshows from their phone photos, messages, music and video clips.

The app comes with a large selection of free slide designs to enable you to pick an ideal theme for your movie.

The mobile app also comes with different features including capacity to add text to your photos, addition of music and sound tracks to your slide, combining of photos and clips, easy editing and animation of your photos.


The app also enables you to easily link your created movies to your social media pages. The app is free but has an opportunity to upgrade to a Pro plan for added features.

This new slideshow and movie creator app has significantly revolutionized mobile movie creation by making it easy and fun. You can now make a great slideshow for various events such as birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and holidays.

The app also enables you to create a slide for your baby development, love episodes or hobby and business project development.

You can download the app and review samples of movies and slides at the company’s website – The app is available both for iPhones and Android phones.

You can download the app and review samples of movies and slides at the company’s website –

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