Marius – Escape The Zoo App

Computer games are slowly turning into a lifestyle. With the advancement of the smartphones, many people are easily accessing these apps and this is what is creating high demand for them.

Designed to kill boredom, these games are easily addictive to player. Among the games that are highly demanded to is the Marius Escape The 200. It is a simple game that is designed to be played by both kids and adults.

What makes Marius – Escape The Zoo interesting to many is the setting and the character.


Marius is a giraffe while the setting is in a 200. The player is supposed to help Marius escape from the zoo.

Marius is locked in the Copenhagen Zoo, and you have to devise moves that can help him escape from it as soon as possible- this is the goal of the game.

To make it more interesting is that the App allows you to compete against your pals with the Google play connected leaderboard. The App comes with other interesting features such as caller ID information.

The App is available for free on the Google play. All that is required is searching the name of the game automatically and click the download tab.

It can play on most of the smartphones available but you need to am 3.0 and above Android.

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