Mendel Notik is a Chabad portal which can be accessed both in English and Hebrew. This works as a news portal that keeps people updated about all the happenings in Lubavitch.

The website closely covers events from Israel, the United States, Russia, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia by ensuring complete credibility. The website publishes the latest events and their detailed analysis by following the highest standards.

The platform also includes a springboard that is used for discussion. So different point of views associated with a certain topic or event can also be discussed in this website that does not only help people to understand the truth but at the same time allows them to explore the deeper meaning that is associated with the event.

For those who want to remain fully updated about what is happening in the world that have direct affect on Judaism, this is one website that can present them with the latest.

The website also offers a rich resource center that contains numerous documents as well as videos of many Chassidim that presents their experience with the Rebbe. This is one online platform that carefully holds the historic pieces of information that can help people to have clear understanding of Judaism.

The website presents highly detailed description of various important figures of Judaism from different times. Their contributions, sacrifices and teachings as well as various extraordinary events that happened centering them are described in details in different articles that can be found in this website.

The site is very easy to navigate and divided into several sections to help the users to easily find what they need. An interest post is about Mendel Notik.

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