Mercedes GL Class Review

Mercedes have launched a huge SUV that has a luxurious interior, an enormous boot space and it will seat up to seven people.

The new model SUV from Mercedes has not been designed with many changes and the price remains high. It has a 5.5 litre engine although there is a 3.0 litre diesel engine available which will be more economical. The larger engine will go from 0- 62 mph in 4.9 seconds which is an impressive feat from such a large vehicle.

This SUV weighs an astonishing 2,580 kilograms and is built for comfort and not speed. There is not much roll in the body despite the size. The engine is quiet and the air suspension makes for a ride which is cushioned from most bumps and jolts. Mercedes quality build also means that there is little wind or road noise.

The SUV has electric power steering which makes it easy to steer around tight corners and twisting roads. The driver’s seat is high up with a commanding view of the road.

Although the new vehicle has not yet been safety tested, Mercedes have an excellent record for providing safe vehicles and this would appear to be no exception. Safety features include all round airbags, stability control and ABS.

German engineering is legendary and this car is expected to be as reliable as all the other models that Mercedes produce. The company always sits high up on customer satisfaction surveys and currently lies 12th for 2013 according to Auto Express Driver Power.

Inside the new model, the space is very large and it will comfortably seat seven people. In addition, the boot is also large unlike some other seven seaters and will hold 300 litres of luggage. Electric foldaway seats make the boot even bigger and if all the seats are folded down the car has 2,300 litres of space.

However, size can often cause difficulties in towns and this vehicle is best for long journeys on motorway standard roads. It can be difficult to park purely because of the size and even though parking sensors are fitted, finding a decent gap to park in some towns could be a problem.

If you are looking for value for money then this SUV is going to cost a lot to run with the most economical model only achieving 35.3 mpg. Emissions are also high which will result in higher road tax.

Due to these figures the resale value is expected to plummet with the GL Class expected to lose 60 per cent of its value after 3 years of ownership. It is a big car and if you can afford it, the SUV is a great status symbol but it will hurt your pocket.

Caring for your Mercedes is important when it comes to selling it on. Retaining as much of the originial value to increase its sell-on value is an important consideration. Ensuring the exterior is kept well is important, but so is protecting the interior with undamaged seats, dashboard and also bespoke car mats to protect footwells and stop dirt and mud stains.

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