Miles Apart Dating App

Are you scared that you may never find the perfect match to your soul mate? When searching for a date offline, finding a date with all the qualities you love is so hard.

You may have to be friends with millions of people before finally finding your perfect match and this may take decades.

With online dating, all this is made easier and faster as each user’s profiles are combined into a database, which can be sorted through according to specific properties thus getting a list of members you would love to date.

The Miles Apart Dating app uses a genius method to create their database. When registering into this dating site, you will be required to provide personal information about your likes, dislikes, height, appearance, age, ethnicity and star sign among others.


You will also provide your preferred information about the person you want to meet among other things.

All these are presented in the form of a 52 question algorithmic matchmaker which is designed to search through the database and find you the perfect match.

For every dating match you find, you will be given your compatibility percentage so you can choose whether to proceed with dating them or not.

Whether you want a date or are simply there to socialize, you can upload pictures and share them with your friends either publicly or privately.

You can download this app from Google PlayStore for free and start having fun interacting with new friends or finding your potential soul mate.

The big think I like about this app is that I can use it at work and still talk to other people, as l have a desk job it can get kinda lonely and boring without people to talk to.

The people on the app all seem pretty nice and I haven’t ran into any jerks yet.

I’ve already met some great girls through the app and look forward to hopefully meeting even more people as I keep using the app. 5 out of 5 stars for doing this kind of app the right way!

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