Mojtaba Khamenei- The Man Who Risked it All as AlgoratesCeo

Few people can tell interesting life stories about themselves. Mojtaba is one of those select few. His rise to the top against insurmountable odds clearly demonstrates his strong character and desire to succeed. When he first decided to buy an investment house, Mojtaba had nothing going for him.

He was the son of one of the most hated men in the United States: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. For those who do not know, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the supreme religious authority in Iran.

His opposition to the nuclear deal with the United States led to one of the most drawn out nuclear sagas in recent history. Needless to say, Mojtaba was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons from the very beginning.

Accepting the Challenge

Great men aren’t deterred by difficult odds, and Mojtaba is an example of this. For over two years, he tried to buy Algorates, an international investment house.

Financial embargoes and restrictions meant he was unable to do so. Still, Mojtaba persisted. He contacted all relevant authorities and tried his best in order to make the deal go through. Eventually, he succeeded.


In 2004, Mojtaba Khamenei bought into Algorates. Now, Mojtaba was already a very well settled man, given his position in Iran.

Using his wealth and position in the Middle East, Mojtaba expanded the business footprint of Algorates. In 2013, under Mojtaba’s guidance, Algorates spent 500 million on marketing in the Middle East alone.

Over the years, the company has expanded rapidly. It currently has 20 branches throughout the Middle East, with plans to expand further throughout Asia.

Mojtaba has gone on to purchase four more international companies along with a French football club, Olympique Lyonnais, which is one of the top clubs in the French Ligue.


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