mText2Speech App

mText2Speech allows for automatic translations, so no more manual work! It also has an accurate text to speech technology which recognizes the language spoken, which is then automatically translated to any desired language.

If you want to, you can have the audio translation played out as soon as your phone processes the request.


I do have to say that the app is fast and efficient, and just perfectly suitable for the job.

If you’re having to speak to customers from abroad on a daily basis, this is pretty much a godsend, considering the fact that they might not always speak your language.

Compared to other similar apps, this one definitely does the job faster and requires less work to get the job done.

It’s even smart enough to determine what language you’re speaking, so the only thing you really have to do is select the target language you want your input to be translated to.

No complaints whatsoever.

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