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For anyone who is a fan of flying, airshows are the most adrenaline-rushing events you could attend, to witness and appreciate one of humankind’s most ingenious and wonderful inventions.

When it comes to aviation events in the Asian continent there is no other air show even remotely comparable to the Singapore Airshows held every year where all the big names in the aviation industry would roll out their latest jets and give the spectators a taste of the raw power and the latest gadgets they come with.

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The 2016 iteration of the Singapore Airshow will be held between 16 to 21 February and exhibits from defence as well as civilian aircraft manufacturers will be present. Repeat exhibitors in the Singapore Airshow includes companies like Boeing, AIRBUS, MBDA missile systems, Rockwell Collins, Pratt & Whitney, Parker Aerospace, to name a few.

There will be simulation zones where visitors can experience what it feels like to be on fighter jets that can fly at many times the speed of sound. To know more about the event and the registration process, please visit:

The Singapore Airshow is all about business aviation, where the global aerospace community and key corporate executives around the world come to forge partnerships and discuss on shaping peace and security in the skies.

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