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Car dealers use different tactics to improve the look of a car, but the most dangerous tactic is when a car dealer hides previous defects of a car.

It can cost you a lot of money and your life if you buy a car that has serious defects, such as defects with the car’s engine, breaks, etc.

You can prevent buying a car with defects by looking up the VIN of a car: the VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and it tells the year of production of a car, where the car was manufactured, the type of the engine, the model of the car, etc.

Using the VIN, you can detect if a car dealer has changed or repaired the engine, the breaks, etc. You should ask the car dealer to show you the VIN number of a car when you take a look at a car.

Enter the VIN on the VIN Lookup Tool at and make sure, you buy what you’ve been told. Very often car dealers buy an old car and repair the car themselves using parts of old cars.


They might not inform you of the repairs, and it can lead to terrible consequences, such as your car breaks could stop working while you’re driving. Old repairs can lead to a car accident, and it can endanger the lives of your loved ones.

So, look carefully for a car’s VIN. Check for the VIN yourself in case if the car dealer tries to give you a false number. The VIN in the US is 17 numbers, but the VIN can be different in the European Union.

Once you find the VIN number, write the VIN to and make sure everything is all right with the specs of the car the car dealer has written.

Don’t pay more for a car that cost the car dealer less. Make a good bargain by buying a car that has good specs using the VIN Lookup Tool on this excellent website.

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