The i-Ox Smartphone Grip – Redefining Innovation

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do or buy that would entirely eliminate the risk of dropping your smartphone or tablet? If you have an iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, you are aware of the fact that these things are really fragil. Well, the awesome news is that now you can avoid dropping your gadget by simply attaching an i-Ox Smarphone Grip to its back.

But this truly amazing innovation has more benefits than just a better grip. To begin with, the i-OX Smartphone Grip allows you to reach all of your screen’s points using just one hand. Pretty cool, right? Well, this also means that you can type text messages with just one hand – which is even more awesome.

Furthermore, with the i-Ox Smartphone Grip you can easily turn your phone from a horizontal position to a vertical one. If you like taking photos with your phone, you’ll love the i-Ox Smartphone Grip even more, as it helps you steady a shot with just one hand. So make sure to get yours now, before they sell out!

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