Pac Rite Inc. – Quality Paper Tubes & Cores

Pac Rights Inc is the other Pacific Northwest Company that is major in industrial supplies. The company manufactures paper tubes and label core.

This storage tubes company uses 100% recycled raw materials mainly from waste paperboard. This green technology is not only safe for the environment but also results in cheaper products.

The company has manufactured these products for over 25 years and its clients include paper converters, film manufacturers, label manufacturers, textile industries, construction companies, aerospace industry and poly bag manufacturers. The company is known for its high quality products, timely delivery and reliable customer service.


The firm’s tape and label core is blade cut and comes in standard sizes of 4omm, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 3 inch and 6 inch diameter. The standard lengths of the core are 25 to 60 inches.

However, the company also manufactures custom core sizes for customers who may need such. The company also provides custom printing of the cores both inside and outside depending on the customer’s preference.

The company also manufactures concrete form tubes. Other products manufactured by this firm include packaging and shipping tubes. The tubes come with a plastic or metal end lid and are of high strength to protect your products.

The tubes are also water resistant to protect your stored or shipping products from weather elements and mishandling. The tubes range in length, width and thickness and you can identify a size that is ideal for your products.

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