Panda Assistant

Various phone boosters have risen, but no one seems to trust them. Many have been suffering with their Android phones trying to keep their apps organized, but all the attempts appear not to be working at all.

What Panda Brothers Studio App does is that it tries to maximize and improve the capability of the androids thereby offering the best operation to any Android device.


Features of the Panda Assistant App

The App has some fantastic features which are discussed below
1. The size

The app has a size of 4.2M. The size makes it very efficient for use by most of the android phones saving the significant memory of the device.

2. Android Version Required

The App operates with a 4.4 and above Android versions.

3. Pairing with other devices

The app enables the users to pair their Android devices with other Bluetooth devices. It is also possible to access the Bluetooth settings with this phone booster.

4. Network Connections

The app enables the users to view the network connections allowing them to have full access to them.

5. Management of Storage

It is possible with this App to measure its storage space. It is also possible to close other apps that may not be of use. The app also enables the users to read the contents that are in the USB storage and even modify or delete them.

6. Managing system settings and management

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