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I was looking for a new web hosting company for my website since my favorite hosting company let me down. As I was looking for a new hosting company while I was renewing the ownership of my domain, I noticed that the website where I buy my domains is offering hosting services as well. I decided to give their hosting services a try.

Although their hosting offer is the same as other hosting companies, their customer service is better. Their employees are always responsive and polite.

Whenever I encountered a problem, someone was there to help me 24/7. Also, their hosting is not target of hacker attacks, which has cost my business a lot at other hosting companies.

Their hosting is fast, and it takes a second to load my website unlike the other hosting companies, I used where I waited up to half a minute to open my website.

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This is very important as if your website takes too much time to load people will cancel the loading and they will open another website with the same information.

Their hosting is available to all website building platforms, including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal even newbies can make a functional website in just a couple of minutes.

I especially like their spam guarding systems as they automatically block spam comments, bots, etc. Their security system prevents DDoS attacks and malware from plugins. They automatically update WordPress, which increases the security of my website.

By using the new hosting service, I have less headaches as most of the things that caused me headaches in the past have been resolved by the professionals of this hosting service.

I worry less about malware from plugins as they are scanned before I install them. DDoS attacks haven’t occurred on my website since I’ve started using the new hosting service.

I don’t know, which hosting service, you are using, but you should definitely check’s hosting service.

They are professional, always available, polite, and their security system is excellent. I give this company 5 star rating, and I hope that you will also have the same positive experience as I do.

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